May 15, 2014

It's so summer

It's still technically spring but late spring in phx is 107, and schools are mostly out everywhere so that's what we call it. We are working on summer fun lists over here, and filling our calendar up with library group, national geographic, Barnes and Nobel story time, and lots more summer fun. My plan is still to get outside to play at least a half hour everyday because I feel it's important, but mostly just to get out of the house and take advantage of the many fun things going on around the valley...indoors. In a/c! Hattie and Freddie are so much fun right now. And I'm coming out of my post partum worries and enjoying the now!! Life is good. We are so blessed. I'm in love w Collin.

I wanna see this film...

Children's museum!
Found her shadow.

"Silly turkey!!"
Dance party! These are always sooo so so good.
See ya guys!

First time either of my children have had a pacifier. Ha. She just loved chewing the rubber!
Our favorite...I had to make a rule to not have this more than once per month....deliciously dangerous.

My girl

Frozen teething ring!!! She loves it!
Daddyo's famous biscuits and gravy before he left for a week in NOLA for work. Yummy.
Buddies. I made friends w this little guys's mom, too.  She's a tandem nursing mama!!!!
Fred's fav book from 12-18 months. Hattie is now OBSESSED with it. Hello Puppy.

Best part about staying at my moms (besides them) is their beautiful neighborhood. We are always outside on walks, swimming, or just laying in the grass. Love it and hope to live in a beautiful neighborhood someday.

Our besties came over.

Hattie, at five months, army crawls/lunges forward now!!!! She's right on track w Freddie when he was this age.  Growing up so fast.
Our car got towed! Thanks for saving us again AAA! We had lots and lots fixed and finally have it back. Love him. I just realized he doesn't have a name....more on that later! (Family meeting tonight, CS!! ;)
Sandy. Both of these love the sand between their toes.
Copied keys and got a root beer. Love my boy.

Pool time!! We had fun but I learned that I can't go alone w both kids just yet. It was too crazy and stressful!!

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  1. I'm dying inside at the thought of 107 in May. Wowee.