May 13, 2014

Dinner time

We make pizza once every two weeks these days. We buy premised dough from Frys and really love it. Whenever we make pizza I always try to cook the dough during the day so that if I don't get to the toppings that's all we have to do--stuck em on and on broil for a few minutes. We have been trying to have easy and fast meals every night so that I can at least start it w Fred or Collin can cook it up really quickly. Basically our night goes...either we all get home at the same time or Collin gets home close to 6, make/eat dinner by 6:30/7, Hattie usually to bed by 7/7:30 and Fred starts bedtime stuff promptly at 8. Then one of us stays w Fred till he falls asleep (and usually falls asleep him/herself) and the other runs over to the gyms for an hour. Then we spend an hour/a few together and sleep! And wake up at 5:30!!! Sheesh. Some mornings I'm awake w Fred and others I sleep on the couch while he watches tv. I'm starting to feel less and less guilty about this. Oops. But anyway...meals have been simple and easy. And we have embraced the salad kit!!! Our frys carries 4-5 different types. Yes, it's $4 a bag. Yes.  But this way we don't waste any, and we actually eat salad a ton now instead of buying all the stuff and being too lazy to prepare it or wasting a ton because we don't loooove salad leftovers. Anyway, its been awesome. We serve some to Fred and he never eats it but hey...they say one has to be served a food x amount of times before he'll like it right? Or try it? Ugh I hope someday.

So fun preparing the dough w Fred though. He does each step first and "all by myself," and then gives me a turn and moves on to the next.

Tonight's pizzas were sooooo good. We splurged on fontina cheese. SO WORTH IT! (A more flavorful mozzarella) and the pepperonis were from the deli instead of the prepacked stuff. Yummmm. Fred approved.

This one was a bacon, brussel sprouts, garlic, onion, fontina......oh my gosh it is so so so so so crazy good. Here's the recipe...(link also in the recipe board on my Pinterest...)

Pretty girl.

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