May 18, 2014

Visit teach

Today, in church there was a lesson about visiting teaching (visits to other women in the congregation.) The teacher asked us to think about our own experiences and how our lives have been blessed through this service. I thought on my 12 years as a visiting teacher. There have been times I've been very diligent and times I haven't, as well as times I have been regularity visited or not. During times when I've faithfully visited my sisters, I've been very blessed with their friendship. Some of my best friends ever have been either someone I've been assigned to vt or one of my companions---people I am still in contact with!! (Plus people I've met through them and through callings.) wow, what blessings. 

And then I think about Joycelyn Mcllquham. She visit taught me in DC and never missed once!!!!!! Most of the time she came alone without a partner. She had to bring her kid(s). She shared personal experiences and made me muffins and invited us to dinner and gave us rides to church. And the most incredible thing: I had a small baby cat, Montgomery, you know, and I had to get his shots and neutered and things. We were living in Rockville, md and I couldn't afford the normal vet so I needed to go to the humane society downtown in DC. it was like $16-18 for a shot (no joke- $200 at the vet!!!) But I had no car and it was an hour by car and you had to be there super early to get in so I couldn't take buses....i don't even know how I got the nerve to ask her but she took me at least 3-4 times!!! With her kids!!! And just waited in the car for me I think!!!! Now that is some selfless service. Wow I can't believe it when I think back on it and I just had to document it. 

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