May 10, 2014

Good mornin

Happy Saturday!!!
Fred slept at his grandmas so we got to sleep in today. (Did I mention that for the past few weeks he has been waking at 5:30am? I thought it was a phase but I'm afraid it's here to stay. I tried fighting it but now I'm embracing it. Yesterday we left daddyo and Hattie in bed and bundled up and watched the sunrise.) 
I miss that little booger. Today is another jam-packed Saturday. We made a family pact a couple months back that we won't do anything unless it's together on Saturdays. Saturdays are too precious and important as the week is so busy we have stuck to it!! If something comes up, unless we can all go together, we don't do it. It's great but still sooooo busy. 

Today will be filled with waffle trucks!!! :D haircuts, bday parties, swimming, grilling, shopping, and celebrating. Happy weekend! 

(Below photo represents Freddie's absence. It's painful to not have him nurse!!! I almost exploded while we watched Saving Mr. Banks. Really good film, by the way.)

Kitties are like...wake up. Hattie's like....zzzzzzzzzzz

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