May 28, 2014

The days go quickly
The nights even faster
And my mind is jumbled
All I think about is these three and if they have everything they need, if im enough for them. 
Restless, cuddle up, startle, eat, calm, breathe, breathe heavily, grasp my fingers, slip off. 
Eyes closed, startle awake, then back to sleep. 
I can't multitask, but I can keep calm and do one thing at a time. Be patient. He does everything his own way, all by himself. He loves, imagines, innovates, instructs, learns. I can teach him to do anything, if I allow patience and put everything else down...those things that don't matter. And she is learning and watching every second. Today we changed the batteries to tickle me Elmo, step by step, and poured water into cups, and nursed off and on and off and on and slept at all different times. And watched and cheered as she pushed up and down and rolled and up on her knees then laughed and chewed all the toys. These are my days, these two, these three. 

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