July 14, 2011

thurs morn

Read D&C 130 this morning. It's a really good section. I don't need to worry about things. I just need to live life the best I can and be grateful for everyday.

Collin is home sick today. He's been feeling lousey for more than a week, and last night he woke up with a fever. We're pretty sure he has acute Valley Fever. It's fungal, flu-like, and there is no treatment other than rest. He's been taking care of me mostly since I'm pregnant and all, but now I get to take care of him. It's nice to be needed. Nice to focus on something other than myself.

The kitties are just so sweet. Monte was just standing by Collin on the bed all night, concerned. They are both playing and CS is sleeping and babe is kicking. Life is very very good.

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