July 26, 2011

yoga makes room, and other exciting things

Just did the BEST prenatal yoga. Seriously, if you are aching, swollen etc in pregnancy, try yoga. I didn't do it for like 4 days and noticed a huge difference. I've been miserably uncomfortable and aches and pains and unable to move. My stomach is big! I'm 32 weeks! My right side has been killing me (that's where babe is at most all times) and I've been even more tired than usual.

But I did that awesome yoga today and I feel SO much better. Breathing into my sides while stretching....creates ROOM! And no matter how cramped I do feel, I still am smiling huge with each somersault in my belly. I have two hearts in my body right now!!!!

I can't get these rascals to stay off the counter, but I sure love them.

Taking mom to the airport this morning! I'm holding down the fort at the Money home (Dot and me and the rest all boys! YIKES!)

Collin is back and work and doing great. We have a doctor appointment set for him just to make sure. And it's the same doctor who will be our pediatrician!!! YAY!!!

Then Friday it's moving time, woo hoo!


  1. So glad that you are enjoying yoga! I loved it as well but couldn't afford as many sessions as I would have liked. I went yoga and (unknowingly) was in labor during my last yoga session and had Madeleine later that day/night. It was awesome.

    Cannot believe you're moving soon!

  2. Yoga is fabulous!
    Noah loved my right side too! Maaaaybe that means it's a little manchild! ;)