July 10, 2011

shots, wedding, bundt cakes, be positive!!

Dottie girl got her first shots on Friday. Joe and friend, Justin, came with me. Dot was so so good. Just quiet and curled in a ball the whole way. Then we got to the humane society, and there were like 25 dogs in there, barking SO LOUDLY. I felt so badly for her and didn't want her to be scared. WE were startled! But again, she was so good. Just layed calmly in her carrier, trying to close her eyes and sleep. Maybe she was practicing hypnosis. ;)

Got her rabies and distemperment vaccines, and we scheduled her next vaccines and spaying. Poor Dot will soon experience the horrible horrible cone of shame. :(

Last night we went to a fun reception for Jared and his new wife, Julie. They are so cute. I loved her dress and I love weddings because it reminds me of mine. I still feel like Collin and I are newlyweds. 

Mmmmmm, mini bundt cakes.

Wowie, I feel like I've gotten so much bigger in just the last week. I am getting more tired and it's definitely harder to move, sit, bend, etc, but I must admit that I feel great. I really do enjoy being pregnant.

Then another dust storm and rain. 
And Monte loves being under the covers and scaring us.

Church was great today. I want to COMPLIMENT, not criticize!!!! I want to be positive and continue trying to replace negative thoughts with positive ones. We have been very blessed. Very very very. It's good to recognize sacrifices because it helps us also recognize blessings.

Happy Sunday. Napity nap time with husband.


  1. oh gosh. I just love this. I love your sweet belly. And I am so excited for this little babyroo to show up! You look fabulous :)

  2. Naturally you are the cutest preggers girl ever...