July 18, 2011

birth will be

collin and I have slept and relaxed all day. for lunch I made us smoothies and put tons of protein powder in them....I'm supposed to have 80-100 grams per day and it's hard sometimes. the P powder made them gross, but I chugged mine anyway. Collin was sweet and ate a few bites. then made himself some lunch.

our midwife and doc gives us birth videos to watch for homework after each appointment. they are all pretty good, but some are better than others. we watched one today that was really great. mostly waterbirths. I just love seeing positive happy birth stories. I know everything is going to go so well because i'm going to be with collin. he's so supportive. this is going to be an emotional, passionate, amazing, wonderful, intimate, happy, life-changing experience.

Dot sat in collin's lap and slept mostly while we watched the video. she is the cuddliest kitten EVER! It's the best. she kept waking up and looking at the screen with each birth when the baby would cry. hehe. cute.
and Monte is such a teenager and hardly cuddles anymore, but still lets us know he loves us. I love that big boy so much.


  1. I am so happy for you guys - that you are recovering, that the birth center is giving you homework, and that you guys will be parents. I know that your birth experience will be positive and memorable. However... you're the first I've heard to describe it as potentially passionate and sexual. Good luck with that. My experiences were anything but. :D

  2. Hey there Nikki and Colin! So excited for you! Related to this post, an easy way to get a lot of protein - an everything bagel with 2 eggs and cheese plus a 16 oz of milk for breakfast (a big glass) equals 34 grams of protein! I at that for breakfast at least 3 times a week the last few months of my pregnancy.