July 7, 2011

it's a....................


Babe Skittlecore Smith is whole! 2 arms, 2 legs, 2 kidneys, full lips, super strong heart, big brain! a little hair! about 3.9 pounds right now! he/she (still a surprise!) kept making sucking and eating motions with his/her mouth and was moving allllllll over the place. The head was down (right next to the TINY closed cervix--yipes, hehe), feet were crossed at the ankle by the head. WHAT A CUTIE! We got photos of the face, profile, and leg. The face looks ghosty!!!!!! but little guy or gal has SUPER cute chubby cheeks and little cute chin. ahhh!!! It was crazy! we are so excited. The kitties are excited, too. When I showed them the pictures, they kept smelling the paper. sillies. 

Oh my gosh, we're making a human. 


Nikki Collin Monte Dot Skittlecore SMITH!


  1. Yay for babe Money-Smith! That's so awesome that you can kind of envision what he/she will look like. So glad to hear babe is healthy! Good work you two!

  2. first...hooray for a healthy, whole-parted baby!

    second...could you really not see the gender? with rhett, chuck and i knew before the tech even told us. i don't think i would have guessed it with this one, so for sure i think it's possible to not know. just wondering where you really are. :)