July 22, 2011

animal story for the shine project, AWESOME.

This is Dot. Her mother was rescued by a woman at my husband's office. Soon after the rescue, the cat had kittens. The woman at Collin's office heard we had a kitty, Monte, (obviously because we're obsessed with him and talk/blog/text/post/dream about him daily), and asked Collin to take one of the new kittens.

Seeing as we were expecting a new baby and Monte was already  our baby, I was pretty skeptical about getting a new little one, (and really all that comes with it...shots, neutering, tiny baby needle claws, etc), but Collin really talked me into it. He said it would be good for M to have a playmate when the baby comes in Sept. But I was worried...how could I love someone as much as Monte?? How would Monte react?

I went to pick her up and the moment our eyes met, I was instantly in love. She was pretty scared and sad at being separated from her brother (which makes me soooo sad), but she was completely calm. Her bright blue eyes just melted me. My heart had somehow grown to accomodate my new love for little Dottie. She just makes our little family even better and makes us that much more confident about being able to focus on our new skittlecore knowing that Monte and Dot love and have each other.

She is a spunky little girl. She kind of bosses Monte around. She gets into everything and loves to cuddle up right next to us and sleep all night. She loves warm places like your lap or armpit, haha.

We love you Dot Smith.

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