July 21, 2011

hey you two. you four.

Hey little kitties, you're cute. You always have to be in close proximity to us. But you don't want me to hold you. You gotta be free!

Hey Collin. Get well. Sorry I beat you in Othello today. I just had to take advantage. You're my super hot sexy husband lover and I'm super in love with you. Seriously, get well so we can play and go on trips before this baby is born!

Hey Babe. You move around a lot. It's super cute. It's like slow-mo-alienish because I think it's getting pretty cramped in there. You especially move around when I'm taking deep breaths and laying on my side. Even my mom prays for you as Skittlecore. I imagined your birth tonight and you looked just like me. Is that narcissistic? Dad imagined you as an anime character. Is that cool or what? I just want you to know we want you. We love you already. This is going to be awesome.

And as for me, I sort of scraped???? the bottom of my left big toe on the killer stairs tonight. Ouch, but whatever. Then laying on the bed felt something slippery. Looked down. BLOOD. EVERYWHERE. Oh well. Gushing. Super juicy red. Why's my blood so red? Not sure. Cut was insane deep. It was really weird actually! My mom bandaged me up though. Alll better.

My dear friend Jayna had her 4th baby today! whOA whoA! Four! What a woman! Her boy is Coleton. What a cute name. She had her baby a week early and was 7 weeks ahead of me...what the soon....  :) :) :)

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  1. Ouchie!!! Hope your toe is ok. Also hope Collin feels better soon. Pneumonia is no fun!! :( I laughed out loud when reading that your mom prays for the baby as Skittlecore. hahah. Where did this nickname come from, anyways? so cute!